Consulting Work

For the past 7 years I have helped product and technology-focused companies reach their goals for growth through business development consulting. I have supported 6 clients ranging from technology startups to engineering consulting firms and small tech companies. I'm passionate about using my background in engineering and my skills in communication to build strong customer relationships and drive repeat business and referrals. Because of my experience in the NE Ohio startup community, I add value through my personal network of connections to a variety of organizations including service and design firms (engineering, marketing, law) and funding sources.


Curious if we're a fit? Here's a list of how I can help:

  • You're looking to establish a sales process and need help establishing a system
  • You need help recruiting new clients
  • You'd like to improve existing client relationships and increase repeat business and referrals
  • You're looking to expand into new markets but need assistance selling or marketing this new product line
  • You're looking for ways to raise the profile of your company at events or conferences
  • You'd like to get organized and implement a simple, cost-effective CRM
  • You need help with email campaigns or marketing material

What makes me different:

  • Engineering degree:  my background in engineering allows me have a deeper understanding of technical products and a quick learning curve
  • Communication skills: these enable me to translate technical information and product specifications into a clear value proposition for non-technical audiences (product leads, project manager, CFO's, CEO's, etc)
  • Startup experience: my experience raising funding, completing market research,  finding early adopters, and commercializing a technical product positions me to help with new product launches
  • NASA experience: My years serving on a NASA Flight project gave me insight into the full product lifecycle, formal project management, verification and validation. By understanding how products are developed I am better positioned to sell your product and speak the language of product/project managers

Are we on the same page? Here are my beliefs when it comes to sales:

  • Sales is all about building relationships. I’m a relationship-seller. I don’t push products, I push strong client relationships.
  • I work to establish partnerships rather than bartering transactions. Your clients are more than a number on a spreadsheet – they’re people that desire trust and transparency and strong relationship with you, the service/product provider.
  • I believe in being upfront, honest and transparent with all clients. If a client doesn’t fit, I don’t believe in forcing a product or service on them that isn’t right.
  • I believe in communication. Human, communication. In-person meetings, drinks after work, and text messages or instant-messages. I believe in communicating at the clients level in whatever way they’re comfortable.
  • I value strong market research and product/market fit. If I think you're off-track with your product offering, I'll speak up!
  • I value clear, concise communication and marketing for products and services and that investing in this area is critical. I have connections to marketing firms and freelancers that can help at a reasonable price!
  • I believe in building relationships vs building databases. I’d rather spend my time working with clients than building complicated spreadsheets or populating CRMs to a “t”. While these tools are important (I do encourage the use of a simple CRM) I value client relationships over tool-overload.
  • Last but not least, I believe in listening. In sales meetings, I'm eager to identify the customer's pain points by asking questions and letting them lead the conversation.

Client Engagement Process:

If you're interested in learning more, I'd be happy to schedule a free consultation to see if I might be a fit for your organization. Please use the contact page on this site to get in touch. References made available upon request.