Entrepreneur is a Verb 

Key Learning Objectives:

What is the Entrepreneur Mindset

What makes a successful entrepreneur

How to apply the Mindset for success in your startup, 9-5 or side project


Don't let your degree become your glass ceiling 


Key Learning Objectives:

If you are unhappy with your job, you might not have the wrong degree or work in the wrong field, you just could just be in the wrong role within your organization

How to identify their natural leadership strengths and find the perfect role to match those strengths

How to use networking and take calculated risks to transition to the perfect role/job.


Building Innovation Ecosystems

Key Learning Objectives:

From a startup founder's perspective, what do we get wrong when supporting founders

What are the challenges of building a startup ecosystem "outside the valley"

Examples from building the Bounce Innovation Hub in Akron Ohio

The three key components of a successful startup ecosystem

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