Courtney A. Gras

Engineer by training and entrepreneur by nature helping student entrepreneurs succeed with Techstars. #GiveFirst

In 2014, I left my “real” job at NASA to work with the startup company I founded in college. During this time, I found opportunities to build the local startup community in Ohio and help other founders around me. After 8 years participating in the community as a founder, I decided to follow my passion for helping entrepreneurs succeed and worked on community growth full time, leading program development and management efforts, operations management, relationship management, and bridge building with stakeholders in the community.

Today, I'm helping student entrepreneurs succeed through the Blackstone LaunchPad powered by Techstars entrepreneurship program, which connects students across the globe to the Techstars Network.

Specialties: Program and project management, operations, relationship management, communications with diverse stakeholders.

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I love sharing stories of founding a company as a student, discovering the entrepreneur mindset, and finding my “dream” job. I published the book "Entrepreneur is a Verb" in 2018 for young professionals who are interested in a career in entrepreneurship

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Presentation Topics

Applying the entrepreneur mindset to launch your dream career

Women in STEM and Entrepreneurship

Building Innovation Ecosystems


Recent Presentations

IEEE Future Leaders Forum, 2018

TEDx Danubia - Budapest, Hungary, 2017

IEEE International Women's Leadership Conference - San Jose, CA, 2017

Pioneers Festival - Vienna, Austria, 2016